Mixing tower

Vertical mixing plants for the production of ready-mix concrete and precast concrete


Mixing towerEuromecc vertical mixing plants represent the ideal solution for producers of ready-mix and/or precast concrete who require excellent quality, high performances, reliability and a reduction of spaces to be destined to the plant. A wide and customizable range of models enables to find a perfect solution to almost any requirement such as number and tipology of mixers, aggregate loading system, number of storage compartments, accessories and so on.


 Main features
Diameter of tower silos - 8.500 mm
Aggregate storage - from 360 m3 up to 620 m3
Nr. of inside compartments - from 4 up to 12
Hourly production - depending on the model and the number of mixers installed
Loading of aggregate materials inside each compartment - by means of bucket elevator or conveyor
Aggregate distributor - reversible belt with slewing ring
Weighing systems for aggregate materials, concrete, water and additives - by means of homologated load cells
Independent mixing points - one or more than one mixer
Production - ready-mix concrete and precast concrete (the mixing platform can be equipped with no mixer (for dry productions), twin shaft mixer and/or planetary mixer.
Automazion - customized depending on the customer's requests


- Reduction of spaces to be destined to the plant
- Sturdy structure and full use of the whole tower volume due to the circular shape
- Reduced production time, thanks to the absence of conveyor belts and skips
- Less energy consuption, thanks to a lower number of mechanical elements
- Euromecc tower plants are entirely hot dip galvanized, allowing several advantages such as: better protection of the surfaces, reduced maintenance requirement, longer life of the plant
- Internal designing and production: just one contact for all aspects concerning the plant


Mixing tower  


  1. Aggregate loading system from the ground
  2. Bucket elevator
  3. Connection belt
  4. Reversible aggregates distributor belt with slewing ring
  5. Aggregates compartments
  6. Aggregate weighing hopper
  7. Filter and airbag for mixer
  8. Cement weighing hopper
  9. Water weighing hopper
  10. Admixture batcher
  11. Additional mixer outlet
  12. Concrete conveyor chute


We offer a wide range of accessories and optionals for our plants such as partial or complete covering, silos and accessories, system for truck-mixer washing and reuse of residual concrete, etc.



1423 Batching Tower 1
1423 Batching Tower 2
1423 Batching Tower 3
1423 Batching Tower 4
1423 Batching Tower
1423 Tower Batching Plant 2
1423 Tower Batching Plant 3
1423 Tower Batching Plant
1423 Tower Montaggio
Torre 3d 2
Torre 3d

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