EURO MIX/MPThe plant EURO 3 MIX  is equipped with one planetary mixer MEP (0,5 cu.m.vibrated yield) in order to meet the needs of small precast industry.

One of its distinctive feature is its different positioning configuration:
1) in-line,
2) positioning of mixing unit on the right,
3) positioning of mixing unit on the left and in addition it does not require foundation works.

Euro 3 Mix UM Valore
  Theoretical hourly output
m3/h 30*
  Aggregate storage
m3 40
  Aggregate storage bins
  Discharge gates/Pneumatic cylinders
n3 6/6
  Aggregate weighing hopper
m3 2,5
  Aggregate weighing system
kg 2000
  Cement weighing hopper
m3 0,35
  Cement weighing system kg 500
  Water batching withpulse emitter Ø 2"
  Water pulse counter forwater adding Ø 1/2"
  Extractor belt with sheet 650mm m3/h 140
  Loading skip lt 750
  Planetary mixer P500 lt 750/500
  Air compressor lt 270
  Operating voltage V 400
  Operating frequency Hz 50/60
  Absorbed electrical power HP/kW 46/35**

*  Mixing time 30"
** Screw conveyor s and water pumps not included


euro 3mix 1
euro 3mix 2
euro 3mix 3
euro 3mix 4
euro 3mix2 1
euro 3mix2 2
euro 3mix2 3
euro 3mix2 4

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