Main Features

  • Minimal foundation works
  • Possibility of moving the plant from one site to another
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Saving of space with integrated control cabin
  • Pre-cabled and pre-assembled at the workshop
  • Speed of assembling in site
  • Easy and cheap transport

       Theoretical hourly output 45* m3/h 59* yd3/h 
       Aggregate storage 26÷34 m3 34÷44 yd3
       Aggregate storage bins 4 n° 4 n°
       Discharge gates/Pneumatic cylinders 4/4 n° 4/4 n°
       Aggregate weighing hopper 2 m3 2.6
       Aggregate weighing system 3000 kg 3,300 yd3
       Cement weighing hopper 0,7 m3 0,9 yd3
       Cement weighing system 1000 kg 2200 lb
       Water weighing hopper 300 L 79 gal
       Extractor belt with sheet 650 mm 140 m3/h 183 yd3/h
       Skip 1500 L 395 gal
       Planetary mixer 1500/1000 L 396/264 gal
       Air compressor 270 L 71 gal
       Operating voltage 400 V 460 V
       Operating frequency 50/60 Hz 60 Hz
       Absorbed electrical power** 96/72 HP/kW 96/72 HP/kW
       Installed electrical power** 120/90 HP/kW 120/90 HP/kW
    * 30" mixing time; 25" unloading time- ** basic version and for n.2 silos
  • FAST 1000 Milano is a mobile plant ideal for the Construction Companies and/or Packaging Companies which ask for a high performance level of the plant, but above all concrete high quality level. The batching plant is constituted by two units, pre-assembled and pre-cabled, transportable on n.2 container OPEN TOP 40” or on n.2 lowering bed trailer. The aggregate storage group, with total output of 40 cu.m, is divided in 4 compartments with double loading size. FAST 1000 Milano has a planetary mixer with 1 cu.m. concrete output per cycle, with a maximum hourly production equal to 45 cu.m.


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